EDM Challenge 13 – Draw your phone

The thing that sucks about having a good run of drawing is that eventually it will come to an end. The first drawing that just won’t come together after a string of almost effortless pieces is so disheartening.

Draw your phone

I spent hours trying to draw this phone. This was the best I could do. I cannot blame the pencil. My impatience killed it.

A year ago I would have sulked and not made another mark for at least a week. But I’ve been realizing that I learn more from the crappy drawings I make than the occasional effortless piece that leaves me pleased with myself, but vaguely dissatisfied.

It’s just a sketch. I’ll start fresh again. A new day and a new approach may be just what I need.



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8 responses to “EDM Challenge 13 – Draw your phone

  1. LOVE your phone…wonderful drawing!

  2. genxsters


    Thanks for your lovely comments. The phone itself is lovely. It’s hard to do it justice. I’m glad you like the sketch.

  3. What a great point you have! Good for you for keeping on going. Your persistence has paid off!

  4. Dylan

    oh my god that is a really good drawing!

  5. genxsters

    Thanks Dylan, I appreciate the comment. It’s an inspiring little object.

  6. serena

    i think ur website is amaxing u r such a fantastic drawer

  7. serena

    the phone is amazing i wish i could draw like like i cant draw for poop

  8. I like it. Good choice of phone. I was like for a phone to draw. That’s how I found this. I’m learning to draw again. Been drawing all my life but never got really good. Id often get frustrated then give up. I murder erasers. 😉

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