Paying Attention to My Keys

Draw Some Keys

I don’t pay much attention to my keys. Sure, I keep track of where they are (most of the time) and I handle them everyday. I even occasionally use them as an indicator of my stress level:

ME: Where the @!#&*!!! are my keys?!

DH: Um, they’re in your hand, hon…

ME: Oh.

It was fun drawing them. I noticed how they cast shadows on each other, how the metal was scratched and worn in some places. It got me thinking about how these keys are truly unique because they are mine: used by me and worn from my use in a way that no one else’s would be.

As I finished I realized that anything can be entrancing if you pay close attention to it. That’s one of the things I really love about drawing.



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15 responses to “Paying Attention to My Keys

  1. Great sketch – especially the careful attention to shadow.

  2. wow. the sketch is great!

  3. Great detail and shading. Really nice drawing!

  4. sandy

    Your sketch is simply amazing !

  5. I do my keys a lot too. They tend to be on hand no matter where I might be. You did a great job on these, especially picking out the way each key effects the other in the shadows and reflections.

  6. Ann

    Very nice drawing! You really captured the metallic surface with highlight and shadows. Now where did I leave my keys. . . ?

  7. It’s nice drawing..Are you an art design or art gallery? Great post and I like it

  8. genxsters

    Thanks to you all for your lovely comments!

  9. Good work man. I like the pencil shadding kind of art. I learned how to do a little bit of that back in the 4th grade and have always enjoyed it ever since

    I’ve apparently got a number more keys than you.


  10. Beautiful drawing, this is really great! My favorite clairvoyant joke goes like this:

    Great psychic, knows all, sees all. Where’s my keys?!!

  11. genxsters

    Kris: great joke!

    Yobachi: thanks for stopping by and checking me out.

  12. you’ve inspired me. i think i’ll start drawing again!

  13. genxsters

    Hey osama! That’s so cool. Thanks for stopping by.

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