Another Everyday Matters Challenge

I’m still jumping around my Everyday Matters list. My eye landed on number 53, draw a mouth. For this challenge, I decided to draw my own mouth.

Draw a Mouth

Everyday Matters is a wonderful creative community on Yahoo. I really enjoy my time there. If you are interested check us out:

If you’re just curious about the Everyday Matters Weekly Challenge list you can find it here:

It’s a great list of prompts if you are feeling stuck.

Until next time, thanks for visiting!



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7 responses to “Another Everyday Matters Challenge

  1. A great mouth sketch…they are harder than we think, since they cnvey so much character.

  2. Love all your recent sketches, your linework is clear and expressive, great stuff.

  3. genxsters

    Ronell, I know what you mean. It’s getting easier to draw this mouth because I’ve been drawing it quite a bit lately. But yes, I find the mouth one of the most difficult parts of a portrait. I’m glad you like the sketch.

    Mariana, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments. I’ve been enjoying your colored pencil drawings by the way. : )

  4. PamYla

    Great looking mouth drawing!

  5. genxsters

    Thanks for stopping by PamYla. Glad you like the art. You are new to EDM also? I just started in late November. I hope you have a great year and that you achieve all of your goals.

  6. Nice drawing! Your drawing style is very impressive, and unique to you, from what little I have seen. I’ll be sure to check out Everyday Matters!

  7. genxsters

    Kris, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like my work.

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