Thanks For Your Support!

Instead of the usual picture and a lot of gabbing about me, I want to chat about you, the readers. I’ll be posting more art shortly.

When I started this blog in December I had my doubts as to whether anyone would come to visit. So as I start my third month of blogging I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you have stopped by, left comments and returned for more! I really appreciate all the encouragement and praise in your wonderful comments. I know that you don’t have to do it, but you took the time and that makes me appreciate it so much more.

This week I was thrilled to see that I was listed as a recommendation by DouDy Sketche. Thanks doudy. Those of you who have visited from there know that it is a delightful blog and a doudy is a delightful person. He says he is a beginning watercolor artist. Well, if he is a beginner, he has loads of natural talent because he has some really lovely work there. He writes great posts documenting his learning process. I really enjoy visiting there. I’m sure you will too.

I want to send more appreciation out to poet Malcolm Lloyd, who featured my colored pencil self-portrait on his blog Excited Fire – Erotic Poetry, Passionate Expression . He wrote a very nice poem to go along with it. Oh, and Malcolm. My mom liked it too.

Here’s more love. These wonderful artists have linked to my blog. Since I am a fan of each of these I am so pleased and grateful to have them add my blog their their blogrolls.

Felicity’s Philosophies and Other Curiosities

drawings & sketches by dibujandoarte

Nemosky Art


It’s been a great two months of blogging. I feel more confident about my drawing than ever before. I’m starting to refer to myself as an artist without feeling like I’m telling a white lie. Thanks to every one of my visitors for providing much needed validation!

More pictures coming soon!

UPDATE: Thanks to the lovely PamYla for adding me to her blogroll as well. ^_^



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11 responses to “Thanks For Your Support!

  1. I’m a relatively new visitor but definitely a regular!

  2. Nice blog. I’ll have to check back when I have time. Followed you here from….well now I forgot. I like your “keys” drawing.

  3. Thanks Mellanie! I am the one who has to thank you forsharing your beautiful art. I love the way you’ve been working with self portraits. I’d wish I had more time to visit more often though. Hugs and keep creating!!!!

  4. Ah, that’s so sweet! Your blog may be new but there is no doubt about your talent, I’m looking forward to seeing lots more of your work! Congrats on your feature!

  5. Your blog is delightful and I’ve added it to my blogroll as well. You are definitely an artist! No question about that. I love your self-portraits.

  6. genxsters

    Thanks everyone. You have really made my Monday. I am all aglow. Back to drawing!

  7. I also have to thank you for your support..and I can just confirm what Jana said. You are a great artist and I enjoy seeing your creative apporach on things!

  8. genxsters

    Thanks Ronell. What a lovely thing to say.

  9. Thank you as well for the inspiration for the poem, I’m glad your mom liked it too! Your artistry is truly an extraordinary talent, I look forward to watching it take flight and can only hope that some of that rubs off on me again in the form of inspiration.

    Take Care,

    Malcolm Lloyd

  10. Well I know I will be popping back, I enjoy seeing your drawings 🙂 and seeing what you have to say about them.

    and a much appreciated thankyou for your recommendation on blogcatalog 🙂

  11. genxsters

    Malcolm, you are so sweet.

    Jafabrit, I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit here. I know I really enjoy visiting you.

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