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Major accomplishment here. I actually completed an Everyday Matters challenge the same week that it was announced. WOO-HOO! When it comes to personal successes I prefer to keep the bar fairly low. That way I can constantly be pleased with myself.

I really don’t have a favorite cooking tool because I don’t get thrilled by cooking. But measuring spoons remind me of baking. Something like cake or cookies. Mmmmm…

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sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

17 thoughts on “Back to the Everyday Matters Challenges

  1. You and I have similar attitudes toward cooking! I avoid it whenever I can; I’d rather be doing art (or reading or playing piano or taking a walk). You did a good job here with suggesting the metallic surfaces. And way to get your homework in on time! LOL, sorry. I used to teach. Hmmm. Maybe I could make some cherry muffins….


  2. Beautiful drawing, nice reflections. I like that these metal spoons aren’t perfectly new and round. They look real to me. I believe they are metal measuring spoons! I own a set similar to these, and don’t use them much either, but they also remind me of baking something sweet.


  3. Oh what lovely comments! Oh thanks so much everyone. This drawing almost killed me. I was clueless about how to get that one spoon that’s turned over, but I just kept looking and trusting. Now I know I can trust my instincts. Drawing is a wonderful way to practice taking risks and listening to your inner voice.

    Thanks again everyone. I’m so glad that you all stopped by to visit.


  4. Diane sent me here- nice blog, will return. Baking is exact – cannot be creative with certain ingredients or cake it wil be flat, lumpy. etc. I prefer to stir fry. You can stir fry almost anything.


  5. This is great! I love the shiny feel of those spoons. I do like to cook but haven’t been able to get around to this challenge yet. Plus I can’t decide what to do. This was a great idea !


  6. Kim, glad you liked the post.

    Diane, I think there’s nothing more important to the creative process than feeling good about what you do.

    John, thanks for coming by to visit. Glad you liked what I’ve got here. Stir fry, hmmm lots of chopping. Chopping is work. I guess stir fry is out for me. 🙂

    Ann, glad you like the spoons. Boy, did I have a tough time with them. But it paid off.


  7. Thanks PamYla. I used a Pigma Micron marker .005 and Tombow brushmarkers. They are very cool double-ended pens. Brush on one side and a hard marker on the other. I got a selection of cool grays. I like working with these because I get that nice ink wash look, but I have more control. See ya around lady.


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