My Own Mini-Portrait Party w/ Lindsay Long


ATC:  LinsdayWhimsy ATC (traded)

© 2011 Mellanie Collins

I’ve been trading artist trading cards (ATCs) for about three years now. It’s a great hobby and it’s really helped me with my drawing. The first trade I did was a portrait exchange with Ujwala from Draw the Line.   We each drew each other and it was a great experience.  I’ve managed to do it a few more times and gathering a nice collection of little portraits of myself.

I met Lindsay (she goies by Lindsaywhimsy)on ATCS for All and fell in love with her whimsical images so I invited her to do a portrait card trade with me.  She’s allowed me to feature the card she made for me here.

© 2011 Lindsay Long

Isn’t it wonderful?  She’s given me such an infectious smile.  Definitely check out Lindsay’s Flickr Photostream.  Her artist trading cards are vivid and cheerful.  You are in for a treat.

Before I wrap this up,  I want to do a quick shout out to Joan Yoshioka.  Thank you for mentioning me in the same sentence as the amazing France Belleville on your blog.  You made my day!

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4 thoughts on “My Own Mini-Portrait Party w/ Lindsay Long

    1. Thank you Joan. You are doing great portrait work too. I’d never guess that it was something that you weren’t comfortable doing. I’m thrilled by your comments. *throws kisses*


  1. I have had the privilege of trading with Lindsay she does beautiful work I agree! You and Lindsay are talented artists to say the least! You both did beautifully on each others portraits! 😉


    1. Thank you dear! Lindsay is wonderful. I wish my work had her verve and energy. Thanks so much for your support my friend.


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