More Drawing in Public

Waiting in DMV

I tried drawing while I was in line getting my driver’s license renewed. This guy was really fidgety so he grabbed my attention. He looks a lot more patient in the drawing. The whole time I was drawing these guys in the back were laughing and talking. I got so paranoid. I knew they couldn’t be laughing at me, but it really bugged me. I kept drawing though. I knew I was being silly. But there is an uncomfortably exposed feeling to drawing in public. I want to have a good drawing on hand to prove that I really can draw. πŸ˜€

Kris Cahill at Art and Clairvoyance gave me this award. Isn’t it pretty? This pleases me so much. Getting two awards in one month feels pretty good. Blogging is awesome.


I will pass this along on my next post. I was tagged by Kim at Laketrees for two memes. Thanks for thinking of me Kim! So I will probably put a long post together Sunday or Monday to finish all of my homework.

Thanks for stopping by!

My Favorite Tool

Leatherman tool

This is my entry for Everyday Matters challenge 16. It’s my Leatherman tool and it’s got needlenose pliers, a straight knife, scissors, three screwdrivers, a phillips screwdriver, a bottle opener and a corkscrew. When it’s folded up it’s around 3 inches (8cm) but it weighs a ton. I think my husband and I got this as a stocking stuffer or a Christmas gift. I have personally never used it for anything practical, but it is fun to play with.

Remember this?

Emilia Award

When you send out the love, the love comes back to you. It’s great to get this again. Thanks to Cedar Raven for giving me this award. I love her blog so much. She’s doing some very cool things with watercolor and acrylic ink. She’s just posted a list of resources for artists using acrylic inks, so check her out.

Well, I’m off. I have to find out what this week’s challenge is. Thanks for stopping by!

Drawing in Public

These little sketches may not seem like much, but to me they represent a personal victory. I finally got up the nerve to draw in public again. When I was a teenager I drew all the time. I drew during class, during lunch, on the bus. I can’t remember when I actually stopped. Probably when I finished school and had to grow up. Like many people I dropped drawing to pursue more “effective uses of my time.” Silly me. I went to college. I eventually ended up studying accounting. How did that happen? As for productive use of time, I never even finished.

When I came back to drawing again (15 years later), I was so rusty I was ashamed to show anything. I only drew at home and I would cover up my sketchbook if my husband came into the room. I finally got over myself a bit and began to take classes. It helped me quite a bit, but I still never quite felt “safe” drawing in public.

street.jpg Everyday Matters challenge 36 is to draw out in public. So I did. I plunked myself down in a cosy chair in a coffee shop and drew quick sketches of what I saw out the window. I don’t know what I was so worried about.

These sketches may not be masterpieces, but they are special to me because they will always remind me that the fear of doing something is always worse than the doing of the thing.

Thanks for stopping by! Your encouraging comments contributed to this victory. I appreciate you all so much. πŸ˜€

Back to the Everyday Matters Challenges


Major accomplishment here. I actually completed an Everyday Matters challenge the same week that it was announced. WOO-HOO! When it comes to personal successes I prefer to keep the bar fairly low. That way I can constantly be pleased with myself.

I really don’t have a favorite cooking tool because I don’t get thrilled by cooking. But measuring spoons remind me of baking. Something like cake or cookies. Mmmmm…

More Love! My First Award

Emilia Award

Isn’t this cute. I got this from Joan at Drawing on Nature. My first award! This kind of thing really warms my heart. Thanks Joan. This is really sweet of you.

I have found that the most rewarding thing about blogging is that you become acquainted with so many wonderful, engaging, and talented people. It’s way more fun than I expected.

I thought I would pass this award along to some blogs I love to visit:

Kris Cahill/Ronell/Laurelines/Ujwala/Juj/Doudy/Kim/Jafabrit/Felicity/

Wendy/Jana/Mrana/Ann/Diane Clancy

1. If you get tagged (and want to play along), write a post with links to blogs that you love,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

As always, I’m so pleased you stopped by. I’ll be posting more drawings soon.

Neck and Neck


Last week I drew this in my journal. I was trying to write about current events instead of my usual self-absorbed scribblings about what I was feeling. Even I find that boring upon rereading. Anyway, since the Wisconsin and Hawaii contests are today, I thought I might as well post this little drawing here. If things keep going as they are, our May election in Oregon may actually matter. That will be a change.

Tag alert! Here’s Who I’ve Tagged

First I want to feature a wonderful marble drawing I found this morning. Checking my blogroll I saw this post from one of my favorites Andrea Joseph. She does the most amazing detailed drawings of everyday things. As I sat in Portland, Oregon trying to figure out how to draw a marble, Andrea was across the Atlantic masterfully drawing a marble in ink. Her marble is blue as well. Spooky. Check it out.

Now, who I’ve tagged:

Anangeli@ Blue Dreams I just found this illustrated journal the other day, or rather she found me. She does charming pencils drawings

Doudy @ DouDy Sketche I mentioned Doudy in a previous post. I really enjoy visiting over there. I just met him through Blog Catalog and I would love to know more about him.

Mrana @ Bit by Bit I first noticed her pictures on the Flickr Everyday Matters group. I love her colored pencil illustrations.

Martin @ Drawings and Sketches by dibujandoarte I have mentioned Martin’s blog before. Martin has encouraged me a great deal and it would be fun to learn more about him.

Joan Y @ Drawing on Nature I found Joan through EDM and Flickr. She is a wiz with a Pigma Micron .005 and is such an inspiration.

Now each of you say five things about yourself and tag five others. Thanks again Wendy at Quirkyartist for tagging me.

More drawings soon…

Yay! I’ve Been Tagged!

Marble Study

First here’s a little sketch. I’ve been drawing marbles this week. I’ve been captivated by glass and reflections, so marbles seemed like a good challenge. For this study, I was able to get a little colored pencil practice in as well. I did use Pro-White on the whitest white reflections on the marble. I like how the cat’s eye is obscured, but still visible.

I just got my first tag from Wendy at Quirkyartist. I’m supposed to share five things about myself and then tag five other people. I’ll fulfill the first requirement today and then tag others on my next post.

  1. I’m an only child, and extremely introverted. Starting this blog is a way to try to break out of my shell a little.
  2. My art education is entirely self-directed. I feel odd saying that I am self-taught because I have had a number of excellent teachers over the past 10 years.
  3. I’ve been married to a wonderful guy for 13 years. We’re childless by choice and still loving that decision.
  4. I got my driver’s license when I was 33 years old. I’m 40 now. I think that is kind of strange for a U.S. citizen. I never really wanted to learn and I live in a great city with an excellent public transit system and lots of bike routes. I decide d that I would learn to drive because I thought it would be a maturing experience for me. My husband tried to teach me. Bad idea. No reason to tell that story. Anyway I paid for lessons, took the test twice and got my license. Well, once I got home I stuffed that license in my wallet and I never got behind the wheel again. After years of being a passenger I just can’t used to the concentration required to drive. It’s too exhausting.
  5. Not only do I not drive, but we even got rid of our car about five or six years ago we realized that we really didn’t really use the car often enough to justifying paying the insurance. We really enjoy walking and we can ride our bicycles when we need to go a distance. So we had Volunteers of America tow our car and they were able to auction it off. Not having a car saves so much money. We are both homebodies so we don’t miss it much. We also have access to a carshare company in town and we can rent a car if we really need to. It’s been wonderful. Walking is great for our health. It’s nice to not have to buy gasoline. I also don’t buy so many impulse items. You are definitely more carefully about your shopping if you know you have to care it for a mile or two.

Whew! That was long. Was that more than you needed to know? I will tag five bloggers on my next post. See you all later!

Drawing Scissors

I remember years ago I sat and drew pages of scissors as a sort of negative space exercise. Scissors work really well for training yourself to see the spaces around things. edm105

EDM challenge 105 gave me an excuse to sit down with these folding scissors. I think they’re pretty cool. I like the name stamped on them: SAFE-T-SNIP. I rarely use them for anything practical. I just pick them up and fold and unfold them absently and then toss them back on the counter or wherever I happen to find them that day.

Thanks For Your Support!

Instead of the usual picture and a lot of gabbing about me, I want to chat about you, the readers. I’ll be posting more art shortly.

When I started this blog in December I had my doubts as to whether anyone would come to visit. So as I start my third month of blogging I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you have stopped by, left comments and returned for more! I really appreciate all the encouragement and praise in your wonderful comments. I know that you don’t have to do it, but you took the time and that makes me appreciate it so much more.

This week I was thrilled to see that I was listed as a recommendation by DouDy Sketche. Thanks doudy. Those of you who have visited from there know that it is a delightful blog and a doudy is a delightful person. He says he is a beginning watercolor artist. Well, if he is a beginner, he has loads of natural talent because he has some really lovely work there. He writes great posts documenting his learning process. I really enjoy visiting there. I’m sure you will too.

I want to send more appreciation out to poet Malcolm Lloyd, who featured my colored pencil self-portrait on his blog Excited Fire – Erotic Poetry, Passionate Expression . He wrote a very nice poem to go along with it. Oh, and Malcolm. My mom liked it too.

Here’s more love. These wonderful artists have linked to my blog. Since I am a fan of each of these I am so pleased and grateful to have them add my blog their their blogrolls.

Felicity’s Philosophies and Other Curiosities

drawings & sketches by dibujandoarte

Nemosky Art


It’s been a great two months of blogging. I feel more confident about my drawing than ever before. I’m starting to refer to myself as an artist without feeling like I’m telling a white lie. Thanks to every one of my visitors for providing much needed validation!

More pictures coming soon!

UPDATE: Thanks to the lovely PamYla for adding me to her blogroll as well. ^_^

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