Falling for my Watchband

“I have learned that what I have not drawn I have never really seen, and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realize how extraordinary it is, sheer miracle.”

~Fredrick Franck


This quote sums up the thing I love most about drawing. I enjoy the sensation of truly seeing beyond a mental label I have for something.

I’m in the habit of looking at my watch all the time. But I rarely know what time it is. I look and register if I’m late or not, but the actual time doesn’t always sink in.

I drew my watch for Everyday Matters Challenge Eight and really began to see the details. I realized that I was beginning to feel an absurd affection for the watchband. The warp and crease made by the buckle completely captured my attention. I was dazzled by it. I was disappointed when I realized that I was finished. I put my watch back on and felt a new connection to it.

Origami? I’d rather not.



I went on a brief origami binge a few years ago. I was obviously trying to punish myself for something. I found a couple of my creations tucked in a corner. They really didn’t come out too badly, but I remember that making them was tortuous.

Folding and creasing, pulling and folding. Sighing and folding. Clenching my teeth and creasing. Refolding all the folds that I didn’t fold straight enough. Balling up the paper and throwing it away because my bad folds and creases ensure that my poor crane will look like something you’d find dead by the side of the road. After tossing out a half a pack of paper, I was able to produce a passable crane and swan. Once I proved to myself I could do it, my origami period was definitely over.

I admire people who have the patience for origami. I love looking at the results, even if I hate to do it. I’d rather just draw the things.

Another Everyday Matters Challenge

I’m still jumping around my Everyday Matters list. My eye landed on number 53, draw a mouth. For this challenge, I decided to draw my own mouth.

Draw a Mouth

Everyday Matters is a wonderful creative community on Yahoo. I really enjoy my time there. If you are interested check us out: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/everydaymatters/

If you’re just curious about the Everyday Matters Weekly Challenge list you can find it here:


It’s a great list of prompts if you are feeling stuck.

Until next time, thanks for visiting!

Fasten your seatbelts…we may be encountering some turbulence.


The U.S. Democratic race is turning out to be quite a roller coaster ride. I can see myself getting really, really tired of all of this drama by the end of February. I already feel like screaming every time I hear the work “change.” It makes me cringe to even type it. Oh well, I’m an independent in a state with a closed primary so I have no vote. All I can do is sit back and see who’s on the ballot in November.

Paying Attention to My Keys

Draw Some Keys

I don’t pay much attention to my keys. Sure, I keep track of where they are (most of the time) and I handle them everyday. I even occasionally use them as an indicator of my stress level:

ME: Where the @!#&*!!! are my keys?!

DH: Um, they’re in your hand, hon…

ME: Oh.

It was fun drawing them. I noticed how they cast shadows on each other, how the metal was scratched and worn in some places. It got me thinking about how these keys are truly unique because they are mine: used by me and worn from my use in a way that no one else’s would be.

As I finished I realized that anything can be entrancing if you pay close attention to it. That’s one of the things I really love about drawing.

And now for those resolutions…

I thought I would put up one last picture in case I’m not able to leave another post before the new year. I did a self-portrait with colored pencils. It relates to one of my resolutions listed below.


Now for resolutions for 2008. If I had a dollar for every resolution that I followed through on I wouldn’t have enough money to catch a city bus. But I keep making them every year just the same. I’ve been thinking about my drawing goals for the coming year.

I’ve decided on these:

  1. Draw more from life. I have had a lot of success these last couple of months with drawing from life. I definitely want to keep that going.
  2. Pay attention. I’ve been thinking a lot about how little attention I pay to things. Doing the Everyday Matters challenges has really opened my eyes and it’s really helped to improve my drawing.
  3. Use color. I’m frankly just cowardly about drawing in color. I tried the color pencil portrait above, but I felt so uncomfortable. I want to get some watercolors and just make a lot of mess. I can resolve to make at least one color drawing a month. A puny promise, but easy to keep.

What kinds of art goals have you made for 2008? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know. I’m very curious. Thanks for visiting and please come visit again!

Another go at the phone…

The phone, again

After my little snit about my supposedly sucky drawing, I had another go at the phone. It’s such a lovely phone. It has so many sexy curves and such a satisfying heft to it when you pick up the receiver. I love the way the light hits it.

The more attention I give to it, the more I love it. I feel I can draw this phone a hundred times. Don’t worry though. I won’t post them all here.

Thanks for visiting and looking at my drawings. I hope you visit again soon!

EDM Challenge 13 – Draw your phone

The thing that sucks about having a good run of drawing is that eventually it will come to an end. The first drawing that just won’t come together after a string of almost effortless pieces is so disheartening.

Draw your phone

I spent hours trying to draw this phone. This was the best I could do. I cannot blame the pencil. My impatience killed it.

A year ago I would have sulked and not made another mark for at least a week. But I’ve been realizing that I learn more from the crappy drawings I make than the occasional effortless piece that leaves me pleased with myself, but vaguely dissatisfied.

It’s just a sketch. I’ll start fresh again. A new day and a new approach may be just what I need.

EDM Challenge 11 – Draw Glasses or Sunglasses

I love having these prompts to work with. It’s fun to take my list and march around the house looking for things to draw. These glasses are pretty cool.  They belong to my husband.


I think they are from the 50’s.  Not that he’s that old.  They are pristine, with no scratches on the lenses. I love these things.

EDM Challenge 1 – Draw A Shoe

Challenge #1 - Draw a Shoe

I joined the Everyday Matters Yahoo group recently. They have a weekly challenge that members can choose to take. There are currently about 147 or so of these prompts. Well I decided to start at the beginning and do number one -draw a shoe. So I grab this shoe and realize how plain it is, but it is my favorite shoe so I resolved to try it anyway.

After pacing around the room to psych myself up, I decided that ink washes would work. I laid down a light wash and realized that I had major control issues so I just grabbed my Pigma Microns and some gray brush pens instead. I used a Wite-out pen to put in the stitching on the shoe.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

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