Here’s some of my favorite drawings from 2007-2009.   To see more recent work check out my new Gallery page.

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19 responses to “Drawings

  1. Wow they’re all fantastic! I think there’s a lot of soul in the image of someones belongings without the someone. (If that makes sense!)

  2. the telephone is one of my favourites!!!!

  3. been a while wow your so good. love your gallary.what a cool woman se ya.

  4. Oh, I love this! It makes me want to draw all my stuff! Wow. Super wow.

  5. 19thmayflower

    hey there!!!
    your drawings are cool and very very beautiful. it makes me wanna take out my art box that i’ve dumped years ago hehe

  6. nathan

    the detail in the shoe is amazing. Very very realistic.
    Also its my favorite kind of shoe!!!

  7. ELIment

    hi..i love your works..

  8. chrismccardell

    very nice work you have here. Id like to see more of it.

    I have just started my first art blog and would like to have your opinion on my works. If you have your own mind own perspective and own opinion leave it for me on any image.


  9. love your drawings! will be back for more : )

  10. Mellanie,
    All of your favorite drawings are amazing – but the portraits are my very favorite.

  11. Girl you rock! You are my drawing guru!

  12. i love ur pictures!!!!

  13. Wonderful work keep at it, If I loved everything I did, I would be conceded & bored!!! draw every day, if only a little, then more, etc ! 😛

  14. casey

    good work for the most part. i’d love to see what you could do if you really concentrated on one portrait for a few days or weeks and had it fully refined. sketching is fun but you can’t enter juried shows with sketches. i think if you spent a little more time you’d improve greatly.

  15. Love the art gallery. natural talent!

  16. Wonderful!! Thanks.

  17. reindeerdreams

    This is a wonderful gallery. You’re an awesome talent!

  18. Sue

    Just found your website looking up pictures of Shirley Chisholm. Love your portraits, especially the ones in color. What media do you use for them? Are they from life or photos? I have been practicing portraits and caricature-type faces for years (mostly charcoal and pencil – from photos) and want to move into color. Yours are awesome!