Kind Heart Award


I wanted dive in here real quick to pass this award (isn’t it beautiful?) on to these lovely people:

Joan/Shirley/Cedar Raven/Wendy/Doudy

You can pass this along to 5 others if you like.  If not, that’s okay too.

Thanks again Kris for giving me this beautiful award. I’m still glowing.

More art soon!

Published by Mellanie C

sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

5 thoughts on “Kind Heart Award

  1. YAAAY! Thanks Mellanie! This is a beautiful award. I love that it’s a bleeding heart, yes? We don’t have these flowers where I live but I’ve seen them before. Irregardless, the award is beautiful … and you are too (not to mention your art!) *smiles*


  2. Thanxxxxxxxxxxx WOW
    just searching for the words……speechless
    You are a great person and your art is great too 🙂
    Thanx again for the award I love it


  3. No guys, thank you! 😀 I love these things. Bleeding hearts are indeed beautiful flowers. I’m so pleased that you are all pleased.


  4. Another thanks Mellanie for the award. I’ve been unusually busy, but as I try to decide on how to pass it on, I was trying to find out where it first originated. Anyone know?


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