Every Day in May: Day 13 – Scritchy Sketches

EDIM - 13aFor Day 13 I made these sketches of Michael watching television.  I enjoy doing these scribbles in the evening.  I find it really relaxing.  I grab a pen and try to catch him in some sort of pose before he moves.  I often start three or four poses on the page since he generally will return to one of the positions at some point.

Sometimes I wish I could draw everything I see beautifully with no effort,  but  I think that I would miss this often ugly first step.   For me the best part of drawing something is the looking and feeling my way around it.  What are those shapes?  What are those colors?  What relationships or patterns do I see?

EDIM - 13b



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2 responses to “Every Day in May: Day 13 – Scritchy Sketches

  1. What a good idea. I wonder if my grandchildren would return to the same poses periodically? Maybe I better try it first with my husband.

  2. genxster

    Hey Shirley, I’ll be checking your blog for the results.

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