Sketching on the Bus

EDM #255 Draw a person near you on train

A few weeks ago it was snowing and I had an errand I had to run so I rode the bus downtown.   I thought it would be a great opportunity to do some sketching .  I found myself a seat behind this kid and I just had to draw his hair.   Luckily he didn’t move much and he sat there for my whole ride. I was glad that I had my cool and warm gray Pitt brush pens with me.   Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the hair justice, but it was great fun!  I like to imagine that he knew I was sketching away behind him and was secretly pleased.



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23 responses to “Sketching on the Bus

  1. What a great sketch! Love the hair. It’s hard to do, for me, anyway. I like the overall sketch, tho. A lot of character!

  2. I think it is a very good sketch, it has great texture and movement!

  3. I do love the hair texture !Great job !

  4. What a great page – well done.

    • Mellanie

      Thanks Phyllis! So few of my sketchbook pages have been nice enough to show in public. I was pretty pleased that this one turned out so well.

      BTW, that latest colored pencil landscape looks great!

  5. Great detail on the hair! Lucky you had your pens with you. And very brave of you to sketch on the bus.

  6. Wow, you really captured the character of this person. Good art.

  7. Had a lot of fun browsing thru all your drawings. Great hair on boy! nancy

  8. Great job! Love the texture!

  9. What a terrific sketch, I love his hair!

    • Mellanie

      Thanks Donna! I’m so pleased that you liked this drawing. Drawing hair is often hard for me so I was so excited to share this one.

  10. That is a great sketch Mellanie. You have captured the back of a young kid’s head really well and the hair is excellent. You are too hard on yourself.

  11. Great work with the hair

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