Wishful Thinking


© 2010 Mellanie Collins

Oh how I’ve been missing drawing!  After starting a new job and succombing to some nasty and persisent sinus funk, I’ve not been able to get much drawing done for the last month –or even this month.   The sketching I’ve managed hasn’t been worth sharing.

I did manage to do this sketch in March.  It’s from a picture I took of myself in December.  Even though it’s a bit rough in places, I like the expression I captured.  And yes, my teeth are that crooked.  Oh I wish I felt this bright and happy!

But this too shall pass.  I’ll feel better.  I’ll be drawing again.  And then I will be happy.

Take good care of yourselves.  Keep drawing!



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8 responses to “Wishful Thinking

  1. It’s a wonderful sketch, Melanie, and I do hope you start feeling better soon! Not being able to do much art, why, that is akin to having another miserable symptom of illness! … “What were your symptoms?” ” eh, headache, sore throat, couldn’t sketch”. Sounds horrendous! Get well soon!

  2. Esmeralda

    Lovely sketch Melanie! 🙂 Glad to see you posting! Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  3. Wow, Melanie, your drawings are always fantastic. Everytime I visit here, I feel like I need to pull out my sketchbook and try some more!

  4. 19thmayflower

    it’s still lovely, Mell. i love it!

  5. Owen

    Nice. I’m just coming back after something of a long hiatus too. Best of drawing to you!

  6. Good to see you back Mellanie. Sorry to hear about the problems but as you say all things pass. You are excellent at sketching yourself. Whenever I try it always resembles somebody else…lol.

  7. Horrible when life gets in the way of art! Wonderful when art takes a hold of life…

  8. I sure do understand what you mean; and trying to get my own creative mojo back again… I am doing a paint by number exchange if you would like to join in. there will be a group working internationally. I can change the deadline if it doesn’t work for you:

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