Starting an Illustrated Journal


I’ve been doing well with the Creative Every Day Challenge. I’m up to day eight. This is the best page I’ve made over the last few days.

I’m starting up another illustrated journal, something that I used to do and enjoy, but inexplicably dropped a few years ago. It’s the easiest way for me to do something creative every day and acknowledge parts of my life that I may not pay much attention to.

For instance. I guess I never really noticed how many poppy seeds there are on an everything bagel, or really see how many bubbles there are riding along the surface of cup of coffee. So many tiny things that never would have been acknowledged. How many other things do I miss every day? Too many to count.



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2 responses to “Starting an Illustrated Journal

  1. aga

    Great idea to illustrate your memories and be more aware of things around us. Thank you for sharing and good luck with your journal

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