Black and White in the Green Season

Here are the latest entries in my art card series. I’m getting pretty addicted to these. It does seem strange to do these black and white drawings when there is this riot of spring color outside.

My neighborhood’s gardens are erupting with new flowers. When I go about my daily walking, all the colors and smells put a spring in my step. It’s been raining like crazy, but the gray clouds just make all the lovely poppies, peonies, and roses stand out even more. So the rain doesn’t really bug me except for the grass growing way too quickly.

I have some outrageous tomato-red oriental poppies in my yard and I would love to draw them. I keep looking at them with the intention of trying to capture them in colored pencil or paint, but my confidence falters and I end up doing some weeding instead. Weeding instead of drawing? What the @!*# is wrong with me?

Meet Mitzi – Another Art Card

I’ve been having a wonderful time working on these little cards. I’ve decided to call this young woman Mitzi. I have no idea why. It just seems to be her name. She’s inspired by Louise Brooks and Clara Bow, two of my favorite silent film stars. Mitzi seems audacious and crafty. You know, the type of person who never gets into trouble no matter what they get into. She’s be fun to go out with, but you would never tell her any of your secrets.