Another go at the phone…

The phone, again

After my little snit about my supposedly sucky drawing, I had another go at the phone. It’s such a lovely phone. It has so many sexy curves and such a satisfying heft to it when you pick up the receiver. I love the way the light hits it.

The more attention I give to it, the more I love it. I feel I can draw this phone a hundred times. Don’t worry though. I won’t post them all here.

Thanks for visiting and looking at my drawings. I hope you visit again soon!



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11 responses to “Another go at the phone…

  1. I can totally relate to what you’re saying here, about appreciating the phone more and more by just studying it. I find this to be the real reward of the EDM challenges. They force me to slow down and really enjoy the artifacts around me.

  2. genxsters

    So true Suzanne. I have been thinking a lot about attention and realizing that lately it’s only when I’m drawing something that I really pay close attention to the things around me.

  3. Sarah

    This really captures the weight and shine, and your love of the phone shines through the drawing.

  4. genxsters

    Sarah, thanks for the lovely comment. I’ve had this phone for about ten years and I had been all but blind to it. I’m glad I drew it because now I’m in love with it again. I’m so glad that it shows in the drawing.

  5. juj

    I agree with Sarah – this version is so substantial, and I love the subtle shadow under the cord. and btw – I have to tell you I am going to be a little sad when you’ve posted enough for that shoe to disappear off the page… I still LOVE that shoe…

  6. genxsters

    Ha Ha…Thanks juj. What a nice compliment.

  7. I am a doodler … you’re way better than what I can ever produce. What wash did you use for this phone?

  8. anangeli

    Yikes, I don’ t know if my comment did go through. Here it is again, but I cannot reproduce exactly. Itt went like this: I like your “clean” style. You don’t seem to hesitate in any line, curve or color. Great blog and will come back.

  9. genxsters

    Thanks! I’m glad all of my hesitation isn’t apparent. 😉

  10. As someone who collects these old telephones I think you have captured the classic lines of these icons perfectly 🙂

  11. Mellanie

    So glad you like the drawing. Thanks for the comment!

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