Neck and Neck


Last week I drew this in my journal. I was trying to write about current events instead of my usual self-absorbed scribblings about what I was feeling. Even I find that boring upon rereading. Anyway, since the Wisconsin and Hawaii contests are today, I thought I might as well post this little drawing here. If things keep going as they are, our May election in Oregon may actually matter. That will be a change.



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6 responses to “Neck and Neck

  1. wow great impression Mellanie…
    you have certainly captured their likenesses….
    I enjoyed reading the 5 facts about you too 🙂

    Thanks! It was fun to do. This is much better than the one I posted earlier.

  2. nailed it. well done…looking forward to the next one

    Thanks Blaine! I’ll see what I can do!

  3. genxsters

    Thanks Yobachi. I’m loving your election coverage.

  4. What a great drawing, you’ve captured them perfectly!

  5. genxsters

    Thanks Maggie. I appreciate it!

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