EDM Challenge 39: Draw Your Toothbrush

Draw your toothbrush

I thought it would be fun to go back to my Everyday Matters challenge list. This is one of the less glamorous subjects. Guess I should get a new toothbrush soon.



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10 responses to “EDM Challenge 39: Draw Your Toothbrush

  1. Excellent toothbrush.

  2. Sarah

    I like mundane things as drawing subjects and you certainly made this toothbrush seem more than mundane (okay, not glamourous!).

  3. Wow, this is really good! I like the nice soft shadows, they contrast so nicely with the harder lines of the brush.

  4. oh man, I really like how you did the bristles 🙂 and I agree, I like the idea of using mundane objects for drawing subjects.

  5. genxsters

    Thanks everyone! Your wonderful comments mean so much. Before I started this I fretted and fretted about how to do the bristles. Then I just gave up and started drawing. I’m becoming a true believer in this “trust the process” thing.

  6. i find that beauty lies in the mundane. what a splendid example. your drawings never cease to inspire.

  7. Great toothbrush! I did mine some time ago for a wetcanvas scavenger hunt. Since then I have got an electric one so I guess I should draw that soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. If you are interesting in those Matisse glazing colours, they can be bought in the USA from Jerry’s. There are the four I mentioned, which have their names prefixed by ‘transparent’ and there is also Permanent Maroon, which is a fabulous colour, though I didn’t use it in my Pyrmont painting.

  8. genxsters

    Thanks guys! You just made my day.

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