Spring: Here, Gone, and Back Again


Last week it snowed. Snow is a pretty exciting event where I live. We really don’t get much snow even in winter. It quickly melted as it usually does. Then this week it was sunny and warm. Yesterday I lay in the grass in the backyard gazing at the blue sky. It was like a spring day that you might read about in a poem. Today it’s cold and rainy. But yesterday was a day to savor over and over in my memories while I wait for the sun to come out properly –in June or July.

Lulled by warm sunshine yesterday I drew these daffodils. Glad I did, because nothing is making me go outside today, or tomorrow, or the next day…



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7 responses to “Spring: Here, Gone, and Back Again

  1. Lovely and bright – just right to pep up on a rainy day. This will make a good card.

    I too have been stuck at home because of the rains. But we need them so badly to pull us out of the drought here in Atlanta.

  2. Ann

    Rain, rain, rain here too. Also badly needed though. But today is another gloomy, cold day. So happy to see your daffodils! A nice spot of bright color 🙂

  3. genxsters

    Thanks for coming by again! So glad you all are getting the rain you need.

  4. Just beautiful.
    Feels like summer in this piece.
    Your heart was happy when you drew it. 🙂

  5. genxsters

    Thanks Marcueto, when I look at this I remember what a delightful afternoon that was. My heart was happy indeed.

  6. Very nice. Bright and cheerful.

  7. genxsters

    Thanks so much MaryAnn!

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