Fangirl Friday: Loki

Loki for Theresa 2.5"x3.5" ink and markers on brown paper
Loki for Theresa
ink and markers on brown paper

Enjoyed making this ATC for a trading partner I got acquainted with on my art trading site.  Turns out we are both Tom Hiddleston fans, so she requested a drawing of him as Loki from Marvel’s Thor series  and  I was happy to oblige.

I’ve never had much luck drawing Mr. Hiddleston, but this time it worked out.  So thanks out there to Therese in S. Africa.  Your Hiddles card is on it’s way to you.

Happy Fourth of July to my U.S. friends!  Enjoy the long weekend.

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ATC: Turtle Portrait

2.5" x 3.5" colored pencil
2.5" x 3.5" colored pencil

I needed to draw a turtle artist trading card for a trading partner last week.  I looked through some pictures I had taken at the zoo and came up with this guy.  I like the expression on this face.  What a grumpagus, if that’s a word.  If not I’ve just made it one.

I’m planning more regular posts for August.   I’ve finished a large stack of artist trading card requests and now I can get back to my daily drawing.  I’ve noticed that my drawing has become so tight and careful lately.  I want to try a few different things to get the fun back into my drawing practice.  Hopefully they will pass muster for posting.

Thanks for stopping by.   I always love to read your comments.

Crows, Crows, Crows

2.5" x 3.5"  pen, watercolor, and markers
2.5" x 3.5" pen, watercolor, and markers

I’ve been enjoying our neighborhood crows lately.  They are all out and about teaching their youngs ones to be afraid of humans and hunt for their own food.  Once we noticed some crows on the ground and one was obviously just a youngster, but close to the same size as the parent.  He was making the usual “feed me” noises.  The parent was looking at him and then pecking around the grass.  He was trying to show the younger crow how to look for food.  The young crow finally looked at the parent and then half-heartedly pecked the same spot three times like he was pecking a code.  Then he looked at the parent like, “Okay, I did that.  Now FEED ME!”  I could almost see the frustration in the parent crow.  I guess parenting can be tough for birds too.

2.5" x 3.5"  pen, watercolor, markers
2.5" x 3.5" pen, watercolor, markers

I’m still trying to convey the intelligence and the trickster quality I admire in these birds.   But I feel that I’m off to a great start.  I could easily sketch these birds the rest of my life.

Here’s a great video from  Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows.  He shares stories and evidence of how these birds adapt and thrive.

Resolutions? Phooey!

5"x7" pen and watercolor pencil
5"x7" pen and watercolor pencil

I was thinking about my art goals for 2009.   After wracking my poor little brain for a while I decided to just skip it.   I mean, I’ll just end up doing what I feel like doing.   Last year I only had three goals and I completely disregarded two of them.   I still did a lot of work that I am proud of and had my best year for art making ever!

I’m going to focus on my successes and not worry about improving or setting goals.   When I am encouraged and feeling good about what I am doing,  inspiration comes easier and I do good work.   So this year I’m just going to wing it.

Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks so much for all of your visits and to all of you who have linked to me!  I’ve received so many wonderful comments this year.  Knowing that so many of you like my pictures keeps me drawing and posting.  I hope the coming year brings everyone much love and abundance.

Everyday Matters Challenge #34: Fall Leaf

2.5"x3.5"  watercolor
2.5" x 3.5" watercolor

It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these Everyday Matters challenges.  I really miss them.  I have been up to my ears in artist card trading (my own fault) and I haven’t had much time to draw for myself.  I had to ask myself, when was the last time I sat down with something and really connected to it through my drawing.  I realized it had been too long.  I grabbed my list and thought, hey, there are a few leaves out there, why not paint one.

It was time for something completely different, so I grabbed my watercolors.   I had some success with my crow done in ink and watercolor, so I wanted to try something splashy and colorful with no reliance on hard thin lines to make the image come together.  I wanted to stop coloring in the lines and get a little crazy.

Colors used:  Grumbacher Academy gamboge, raw sienna, scarlet lake, cadmium red medium, and ultramarine.  Cheap paints, but okay to practice with.  I’m going to get some Winsor & Newtons soon, when I find a good sale.

These were all applied in a haphazard fashion.  I did know enough to let my layers dry to avoid muddy color.  Being in a playful mood helped me to get over trying to control the outcome of the painting.  I think it’s pretty good for a start.  Please tell me what you think.  I sure could use some pointers.  What are your favorite instruction books or videos?  Are there any demos on Youtube you enjoy?

Ink and Watercolor Wash: Western Tanager

Western Tanager
Western Tanager

My ink and watercolor exercises continue.  I made this artist trading card for a partner who liked birds.  I’ve not drawn very many birds, but I’m starting to really enjoy it.

ATCs on Request: Black Panther

2.5"x3.5" pen, marker, watercolor pencil
2.5"x3.5" pen, markers, watercolor
I’ve been feeling rather stunned for the past few days.  I’ll blame it on all the financial turbulence.  I’m having trouble writing, but since this is a drawing blog, why don’t I just post a drawing?  I’ve not been drawing much this week, so I’ll just post  one of the cards I made not long ago.  I did this card by request.  I think I worked hard on this card than any other I have made.  I don’t like everything about it, but I am proud of the way the eyes turned out.