Fangirl Friday: Loki

Enjoyed making this ATC for a trading partner I got acquainted with on my art trading site.  Turns out we are both Tom Hiddleston fans, so she requested a drawing of him as Loki from Marvel’s Thor series  and  I was happy to oblige. I’ve never had much luck drawing Mr. Hiddleston, but this timeContinue reading “Fangirl Friday: Loki”

African American History Month – Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) the legendary civil rights activist would have been 100 years old this year.  While many people know of her role as catalyst of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and as an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, many people are not aware that her career as anContinue reading “African American History Month – Rosa Parks”

African American History Month: Bessie Coleman

4″ x 5.5″   pen and markers Bessie Coleman (1892 – 1926) was the first woman to earn an International Aviation License and the first African-American licensed pilot. Born in Texas,  Bessie was the 10th of 13 children.  Unhappy with small town life in Texas, she moved to Chicago in 1915 to join her brother andContinue reading “African American History Month: Bessie Coleman”

African American History Month: Thurgood Marshall

© 2010 Mellanie Collins February is African American History Month, so I thought I’d work on a few drawings of people whose stories inspired me when I was growing up. Here’s a drawing of a young Thurgood Marshall. The grandson of a slave, he became the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.  He served from 1967Continue reading “African American History Month: Thurgood Marshall”

ATCs: Baby Girl

I just finished this card I did for a monthly trade on  We’re assigned a partner and make a card they might like based on information they provide in a profile.  This drawing is of my partner’s granddaughter. I think I did okay here.  I was trying to capture a sense of innocence inContinue reading “ATCs: Baby Girl”

ATCs: Self-portrait by Request

I made this artist trading card by request.  I’ve had a number of people ask me for self-portrait cards when we arrange personal trades.   That surprises me since I’m a complete stranger to them.   But I suppose that doesn’t matter if you like the drawing. I did this from a photo I found of myselfContinue reading “ATCs: Self-portrait by Request”