ATCs: Self-portrait by Request

Self-portrait for Jan

2.5" x 3.5" pen and markers

I made this artist trading card by request.  I’ve had a number of people ask me for self-portrait cards when we arrange personal trades.   That surprises me since I’m a complete stranger to them.   But I suppose that doesn’t matter if you like the drawing.

I did this from a photo I found of myself most likely taken during my brooding late teen years or my early 2o’s.    You couldn’t pay me to be that young again.  I like being in my 40’s, thank you very much!



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3 responses to “ATCs: Self-portrait by Request

  1. Iin

    Do you like being 40? I don’t even like being 29 or so, what’s your secret? By the way, your self potrait fabuoloso, wonder when I could be as good as you?

  2. Sadie

    Dear Genxster (?)

    JOining the club – will be 40 this JUNE and just starting to live my live as an artist-wanabe.

  3. I like 40 too…Great self portrait

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