Every Day in May: Day 27 – Fun Stuff – HP ATCs

Fortunately I don’t have to hunt for stuff to draw for Every Day in May.  I have quite an assignment list going thanks to my card trading on ATCSforall.com and IllustratedAtcs.com.   I signed up for a Harry Potter character swap (I’m such a Potter nerd) so I worked on my cards for Day 27.  IContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 27 – Fun Stuff – HP ATCs”

ATCs: Attempts at Whimsy

(Click on the thumbnails for larger picture) I thought I would try to stretch myself and try my hand at something a little more inventive.  I signed up for a swap called Colorful Funky Whimsy People over at atcsforall.com.  I really had a hard time with it.  I sat down and realized how rusty myContinue reading “ATCs: Attempts at Whimsy”

One Last “Office” Drawing: Dawn

This is the last in this “The Office” series of drawings. Here is the long suffering Dawn Tinsley played by Lucy Davis. She’s the gal who gives zombie impersonation lessons in Shaun of the Dead. Fun movie by the way. I really love doing these achromatic pieces. I know most people love color, but I’mContinue reading “One Last “Office” Drawing: Dawn”