Every Day In May: Day 31 – It’s Over

My last entry for Every Day in May is a drawing I did of Michael relaxing in the sun wearing his favorite sunglasses.  He is wonderful about sitting for me. Since doing this Every Day in May exercise I feel more inspired to go back to my everyday sketchbook drawing.    I got so caughtContinue reading “Every Day In May: Day 31 – It’s Over”

Every Day in May: Day 30 – Gardening Sketches

Saturday I did a lot of gesture sketches and tried capturing Michael as he worked in our yard. Here are the best of the sketches, at least they look human.  Michael was able to recognize himself, which was a good sign.  I love this kind of sketching where you focus on what you are seeingContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 30 – Gardening Sketches”

Every Day in May: Day 28 – Just Sketchin’

For Day 28 I sketched some mastiffs for some ATCs I’m making for a friend.   Wow, can’t believe that May is almost over. Are any of you avoiding certain projects because it is May.  I know that I am.  A friend of mine gave me a starter set of OPEN acrylics, those new slower-drying paints. Continue reading “Every Day in May: Day 28 – Just Sketchin’”

Every Day in May: Day 27 – Fun Stuff – HP ATCs

Fortunately I don’t have to hunt for stuff to draw for Every Day in May.  I have quite an assignment list going thanks to my card trading on ATCSforall.com and IllustratedAtcs.com.   I signed up for a Harry Potter character swap (I’m such a Potter nerd) so I worked on my cards for Day 27.  IContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 27 – Fun Stuff – HP ATCs”

Every Day in May: Day 21 – Mysterious Man ATC

Here’s another artist trading card.   I was watching  an old movie called  Ten Minutes to Live , which is a 1932 independent film by African American film director Oscar Micheaux.  It was included in a box of public domain DVDs we bought a while back.  There was this scene where the villian is coming downContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 21 – Mysterious Man ATC”

Every Day in May: Day 19 – Frankenstein ATC

2.5″ x 3.5″ pen and markers Last month one of my card trading pals, Coop, recruited me for a mail art project he has going.  He is collecting images of the Frankenstein monster in all styles and media.  I finally got around to making his card on Day 19.  I wanted to capture the sadnessContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 19 – Frankenstein ATC”

Every Day in May: Day 18 – Obama ATC

I’ve been working on my list of artist trading card requests.   This drawing of President Obama is for a gal who is collecting cards featuring each of the presidents.   I drew this from  one of the weekly address videos I had downloaded from http://www.whitehouse.gov.

Every Day in May: Days 16 & 17 – Completed WIP

Day 17 – Finished For days 16 and 17 I worked more on this drawing that I adapted from this self-portrait by Dominic Perry.   I’ll call it finished.    Here is a mini-gallery so that you can see the progression of the picture. First there is the rough pencil sketch, then the initial inking, erasingContinue reading “Every Day in May: Days 16 & 17 – Completed WIP”

Every Day in May: Day 15 – Drawing for Myself – WIP 2

Here’s the second day of work with this drawing I started yesterday.  I’m using india ink instead of just using the gray markers I’ve been using.   I inked the sketch with a brush instead of a pen.  Now I wish I had used a dip pen.  But there will be other opportunities.  It’s coming together. Continue reading “Every Day in May: Day 15 – Drawing for Myself – WIP 2”