Graphite Sketch: An Impossible Angle

graphite on paper, 5 x 8 inches On the first sunny and warm day this spring,  Michael and I went to the park.  Michael basked, and I sketched.   At first I was frustrated.  I had chosen an impossible angle and as it was such a glorious, lazy, summery afternoon I just couldn’t bear toContinue reading “Graphite Sketch: An Impossible Angle”

Every Day In May: Day 31 – It’s Over

My last entry for Every Day in May is a drawing I did of Michael relaxing in the sun wearing his favorite sunglasses.  He is wonderful about sitting for me. Since doing this Every Day in May exercise I feel more inspired to go back to my everyday sketchbook drawing.    I got so caughtContinue reading “Every Day In May: Day 31 – It’s Over”

Every Day in May: Day 15 – Drawing for Myself – WIP 2

Here’s the second day of work with this drawing I started yesterday.  I’m using india ink instead of just using the gray markers I’ve been using.   I inked the sketch with a brush instead of a pen.  Now I wish I had used a dip pen.  But there will be other opportunities.  It’s coming together. Continue reading “Every Day in May: Day 15 – Drawing for Myself – WIP 2”

Every Day in May: Day 14 – Drawing for Myself – WIP

Yesterday I got out my neglected watercolor moleskine book and set out to do a project just for myself.  Back in February I was looking through photos on Flickr and came across this self-portrait by Dominic Perry .  He gave me permission to use the photo as a reference.   I told him that I wasContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 14 – Drawing for Myself – WIP”

Every Day in May – Day 4 – Another Pug Sketch

I’m still doing sketches for an artist trading card for a friend of mine.   I’m working on getting just the right expression.   I’m not really a dog person, but the more I study the reference photos I was given, the more I appreciate this dog.  He’s awfully cute.  Perhaps that’s why I always spend aContinue reading “Every Day in May – Day 4 – Another Pug Sketch”

Every Day In May – Days 1-3

Hurray!  I’m on track for Every Day in May.  Here’s a round-up of drawings I did over the weekend. Friday, May 1: A friend of mine gave me some scratchboard paper cut to ATC size.  It had been sitting on my drawing desk for a few weeks and I finally just dove into it.  I’dContinue reading “Every Day In May – Days 1-3”

Pencil Portrait Sketch: Emma Watson

I just realized how close we are to the end of the year.  I was looking back at the drawings I made this year and came across this sketch I did back in January.  I posted it on Flickr but never posted it here.  I wonder why, since I like this sketch quite a bit.   Continue reading “Pencil Portrait Sketch: Emma Watson”

Presidential Debate Sketches

Friday night I sat with my sketchpad and tried drawing the presidential candidates while they were talking.   This was pretty tough to do, but it was helpful that they were stuck at their podiums.  I could start a sketch and know that their heads would return to something close to one of the positions thatContinue reading “Presidential Debate Sketches”

“You Look Like You Have Indigestion,” he said.

That’s what a friend of mine told me when he saw this picture. You know, he’s right. I like using these water-soluble graphite pencils. I’ve been using the Derwent brand. On this piece I used the HB and 4B pencils. I just love spreading that graphite around with a brush. I found this tutorial onContinue reading ““You Look Like You Have Indigestion,” he said.”