Every Day In May: Day 31 – It’s Over

My last entry for Every Day in May is a drawing I did of Michael relaxing in the sun wearing his favorite sunglasses.  He is wonderful about sitting for me. Since doing this Every Day in May exercise I feel more inspired to go back to my everyday sketchbook drawing.    I got so caughtContinue reading “Every Day In May: Day 31 – It’s Over”

EDM Challenge 11 – Draw Glasses or Sunglasses

I love having these prompts to work with. It’s fun to take my list and march around the house looking for things to draw. These glasses are pretty cool.  They belong to my husband. I think they are from the 50’s.  Not that he’s that old.  They are pristine, with no scratches on the lenses.Continue reading “EDM Challenge 11 – Draw Glasses or Sunglasses”