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Pitt brush pen

The other day I was waiting for the library to open and there was quite a crowd of people waiting with me. I grabbed a pen and sketched frantically, trying to draw as many people as I could before the doors opened. It was wonderful to just draw without a plan and not care about how the drawing would look and where it might go.

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time making my artist trading cards and I realized that I have really missed sketching. I forgot how relaxing it is. How could I forget that?

EDM Challenge 11 – Draw Glasses or Sunglasses

I love having these prompts to work with. It’s fun to take my list and march around the house looking for things to draw. These glasses are pretty cool.  They belong to my husband.


I think they are from the 50’s.  Not that he’s that old.  They are pristine, with no scratches on the lenses. I love these things.

EDM Challenge 1 – Draw A Shoe

Challenge #1 - Draw a Shoe

I joined the Everyday Matters Yahoo group recently. They have a weekly challenge that members can choose to take. There are currently about 147 or so of these prompts. Well I decided to start at the beginning and do number one -draw a shoe. So I grab this shoe and realize how plain it is, but it is my favorite shoe so I resolved to try it anyway.

After pacing around the room to psych myself up, I decided that ink washes would work. I laid down a light wash and realized that I had major control issues so I just grabbed my Pigma Microns and some gray brush pens instead. I used a Wite-out pen to put in the stitching on the shoe.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out.