A Quick Portrait Sketch

Here’s a sketch of my husband Michael doing his duty as model. He’s such a good sport. I didn’t even have to add an obligation to model in the marriage vows. He just sees the pen and submits. In this sketch he is ignoring me and reading his book.

Drawing Him Drawing

This morning Michael and I were talking about old trucks and he started to draw one from memory. I whipped out my pen and drew him drawing the truck. It’s really hard to draw someone’s moving hand, but I managed.

Back to Sketching

Pitt brush pen

The other day I was waiting for the library to open and there was quite a crowd of people waiting with me. I grabbed a pen and sketched frantically, trying to draw as many people as I could before the doors opened. It was wonderful to just draw without a plan and not care about how the drawing would look and where it might go.

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time making my artist trading cards and I realized that I have really missed sketching. I forgot how relaxing it is. How could I forget that?