A Quick Portrait Sketch

Here’s a sketch of my husband Michael doing his duty as model. He’s such a good sport. I didn’t even have to add an obligation to model in the marriage vows. He just sees the pen and submits. In this sketch he is ignoring me and reading his book.

5 thoughts on “A Quick Portrait Sketch

  1. How lovely to have an obliging hubby Mellanie. This is a really good sketch. I have never mastered the art of the quick sketch. I am more of a ponderous drawer really. I envy you your ability with the style though.


  2. MissJazz, thanks for the link to your drawings. They are charming. It’s been a while since I have checked out your photos. I must trot over there!

    cathy, I’m glad you like the sketch. It took me a long time to get used to sketching. I can be pretty ponderous myself and I had to learn to let go and allow myself to loosen up a bit.

    Paul, I will definitely pass on the message. Hemingway, hmmm, I think he’ll really like that!


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