Mysterious Ladies

His Ex
His Ex
ATC - pen and markers
40s Beauty

Here are two of my favorite artist trading cards from the stack I made last week. I’ve been making custom cards and drawing cards for themed swaps, but these I made just for fun. I traded the 40s Beauty on the right, but I’ve decided to keep the one on the left. I’m still admiring the job I did on the hair. I’m getting a lot of mileage out of my three gray Copic markers. I am starting to feel a little tight and cramped drawing these miniatures though. It’s time to take a break and do some larger things.

Another big project for me last week was organizing my blog list. I just put all of my blogs on Google reader and found that I am trying to follow 55 blogs! How did that happen? Fortunately it’s summer and most people aren’t blogging as often. But what am I going to do once all the vacations are over?! I’ve tried to reduce the number, but as soon as I drop one, I find another two to add. *lays head on desk*

Published by Mellanie C

sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

7 thoughts on “Mysterious Ladies

  1. Thanks Shirley. I just draw the outline with a fine line marker like a Pigma Micron. Then I just add layers of the cool gray Copic markers. I use a slimmer Sketch marker and it has a fine tip. Since they are brush markers you can work fine or wide with them. I have great fun with them.


  2. These are fantastic Mellanie. The one on the left has such a cheeky expression and I love that hair. You have got an amazing gloss on it with your markers.

    I had to laugh at your blogging comments. I probably have about thirty six but I don’t comment on all of them regularly, but like you I am always finding more to add.


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