Secret Solstice Gifts: A Cowboy for Joan

Here is the last gift for the Secret Solstice gift swap that I participated in last month.  This was the one I was most nervous about.  This cowboy painting was for my new art pal Joan.  At some point we had done an ATC trade and she had requested a cowboy drawing.  I made herContinue reading “Secret Solstice Gifts: A Cowboy for Joan”

Every Day in May: Day 30 – Gardening Sketches

Saturday I did a lot of gesture sketches and tried capturing Michael as he worked in our yard. Here are the best of the sketches, at least they look human.  Michael was able to recognize himself, which was a good sign.  I love this kind of sketching where you focus on what you are seeingContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 30 – Gardening Sketches”

Every Day in May: Days 16 & 17 – Completed WIP

Day 17 – Finished For days 16 and 17 I worked more on this drawing that I adapted from this self-portrait by Dominic Perry.   I’ll call it finished.    Here is a mini-gallery so that you can see the progression of the picture. First there is the rough pencil sketch, then the initial inking, erasingContinue reading “Every Day in May: Days 16 & 17 – Completed WIP”

Every Day in May: Day 15 – Drawing for Myself – WIP 2

Here’s the second day of work with this drawing I started yesterday.  I’m using india ink instead of just using the gray markers I’ve been using.   I inked the sketch with a brush instead of a pen.  Now I wish I had used a dip pen.  But there will be other opportunities.  It’s coming together. Continue reading “Every Day in May: Day 15 – Drawing for Myself – WIP 2”

Every Day in May: Day 14 – Drawing for Myself – WIP

Yesterday I got out my neglected watercolor moleskine book and set out to do a project just for myself.  Back in February I was looking through photos on Flickr and came across this self-portrait by Dominic Perry .  He gave me permission to use the photo as a reference.   I told him that I wasContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 14 – Drawing for Myself – WIP”