Every Day in May: Day 21 – Mysterious Man ATC

2.5" x 3.5" watercolor

2.5" x 3.5" watercolor

Here’s another artist trading card.   I was watching  an old movie called  Ten Minutes to Live , which is a 1932 independent film by African American film director Oscar Micheaux.  It was included in a box of public domain DVDs we bought a while back.  There was this scene where the villian is coming down a flight of stairs.  I loved the way it was lit, so I paused the film and made a rough value map and a quick sketch altering his features to make him a more romantic sort of mysterious stranger.  Later I did this drawing and painted it with indigo blue watercolor.



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4 responses to “Every Day in May: Day 21 – Mysterious Man ATC

  1. ohh yes, he is mysteriously romantice 🙂
    sometimes, i do that too, pausing a video and sketch from there.

  2. Definitely a noir presence. I like the old black and white films…mystery…lighting…suspense. The burnt out neon lights. A story. Not the parade of explosions and special effects that dominate today. You are a good portrait artist.

  3. kati(lady)

    this is wonderful!

  4. genxster

    Thanks for your comments!

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