ATCs: In the Style of Rossetti

I participated in another Art 101 swap on  October’s featured artist was Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  I’ve always enjoyed the Pre-Raphaelites, so I thought I would try my hand at making a few cards.    As you can see, I had mixed success.

On a side note, I just found out that a couple of my cards will be featured in an upcoming edition of ArtTrader Magazine.  It’s a lovely online mail art magazine (in PDF format) that features mail art for trade such as ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), ACEOs, art journals, chunky books, altered art and altered art books.
I’m so excited and pleased that my cards will be included.

Published by Mellanie C

sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

6 thoughts on “ATCs: In the Style of Rossetti

  1. These are wonderful pieces! I see four beautiful pieces of art before me, and I don’t get it when you say “As you can see, I had mixed success.” In my opinion I would say, 100% success!

    When it comes to the great masters we have to put our own stamp on them. You’re personality and signature is going to come through, no matter what. Because you’re feelings came through it makes them all the more beautiful!

    See you around the site! 🙂



  2. Thanks Morganna, I meant that they weren’t drawn or copied to look exactly like the original, but I think they are appealing drawings. I like how they turned out. I want to draw more red hair!

    Thanks for coming by to visit!


  3. Your PR ATC’s are great Mellanie. You are too modest. Congrats on being featured in Art trader mag. How nice. Also for your lovely new award. I checked out the TA Directory and will go back and have a good look when I get more time. Always keen to discover new art blogs.


  4. Casey: Thanks! I’m pretty proud of that Helen of Troy

    Joan: I’m so pleased that you liked these.

    Cathy: Thanks to you too. Yeah, two of my cards are in the current issue. I really enjoy that magazine. Even if I didn’t make the cards, I would still read it.


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