Turn Out Your Pockets


I haven’t done anything this week that isn’t, well, let’s just say rhymes with clap. So today I decided that I would just empty my jeans pocket and draw whatever I found. I promised myself that I would post it no matter what it looked like. It’s not the greatest drawing I’ve ever done, but it’s not even close to the worst thing I’ve scribbled this week.

I get so frustrated with myself when I see so many people who have such style and the ability to draw something wonderful every day. I know that I shouldn’t compare myself to others, but come on, don’t we all? Sure it’s a destructive habit, but I do it anyway.

I’m trying learning to accept my rhythms. Some days drawing can be so easy. It’s like silk off a spool. Smooth. Effortless. I sit back and say to myself, “Wow! Look at that! I did that!” Other days and sometimes whole weeks it’s like my hands just go on strike. The hand-eye relationship just goes sour and the two of them just give each other the silent treatment. At some point while I’m asleep, they come to some sort of truce, or decide that they love each other after all and the drama is over. I can draw again. Crazy. I’m taking the gamble that if I just accept my drawing for what it is, it will become consistent in time. Either that or I will just stop caring. However it turns out I’ll end up winning.

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sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

12 thoughts on “Turn Out Your Pockets

  1. Yuk I know exactly what you’re talking about and I think your attitude – just keep doing it – is the best possible approach. And of course you’re being too hard on yourself, you will end up winning.


  2. It could be much worse. You could draw like my friend Dave.


    I think he knows that he’s not artistic but this is how he’s making his living. He’s quite funny too. You, on the other hand, are amazingly talented and even your “clappy” work is good in my book. This is what brings us back…

    Keep pursuing what you love with passion and the $$$$ will follow.


  3. I bet we all have feelings like that from time to time – I know I do. I think you got it right with the awareness of our own rhythms. Often I do feel doubts about what I am doing when I compare my work with others, it’s hard not to. On the other hand, I also take in a lot of inspiration and motivation from seeing other artists’ works, like when I come by here 🙂 Your art work is awesome. Keep drawing Mellanie!


  4. I like your drawings! These are great. The way you expressed feeling about drawing hits home with me too. I definately visit blank stare land way too often. But when I close my eyes at night, it is like watching art, that I cannot yet create being formed! Guess it means there is hope for me lol


  5. Hello everyone! Thanks for your comments.

    Nature: Glad you like the note. I wish I had 100 more.

    LeaT: Thanks for the encouragement.

    Sarah: Writing about it helps. I’m just going to keep at it.

    Paul: Thanks for the link. You’re right, the cartoons are funny. Thank you for your lovely remarks.

    Ann: I’m feeling better now. Thanks for your lovely comment. I always love visiting you as well.

    PamYla: Funny, I do that visualizing thing as well. I imagine this thing and I know that I can’t do it, but it’s like I’m practicing the drawing while I imagine it. Can’t quite explain it clearly, maybe you know what I mean.


  6. I am liking this drawing, ( I like the way you did the coins) but I know how you feel and it is frustrating. I think I should draw more, and then I tell myself off for saying should and then tell myself off again for being hard on myself and then go sulking off to the studio to putter around. It will happen when it is meant to genxsters and it will be so worth it, because even this “not so great drawing you say” is really another notch on the belt of experience.


  7. You words ring so true! I swear, I have no control over the end result of any giving drawing/painting . I can spend hours on something and it turns out so poorly. Then, I throw something on paper in minutes and I like it. I guess the next great work of art might come out of any of us, huh?! Anyway, I sure enjoy what you do!


  8. Helo Genxters,
    I am glad I found you at Blogcatalog! 😀

    So you have the same issues too? I feel just the same. Maybe art can’t be controlled or produced at will. Perhaps that’s where the magic lies in art.


  9. Hey Netty! I’m glad I found you too. I love all the fun stuff you’ve been putting up on your blog. That’s a good point about the magic. It would feel awfully mechanical if you could predict the performance from the start. It’s nice to get that rush you feel when that magic gels in a painting or drawing.


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