Who Is This Woman?


A while back I had ambitions to do a self-portrait a day. I look back at this and laugh. Well, actually it’s a bit of a chuckle. Since the beginning of 2008 I have only done four drawings, and this one I did today is the only one I feel confident in sharing.

Who is this? One of the fun things about doing these self-portrait drawings is seeing how I interpret that person in the mirror. Do I feel any connection? This time I feel completely disassociated from the image. There are bits that are very like me, but what is up with that expression? I’m either mildly pleased about something, or I am hatching some cunning plan. What does it look like to you?

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sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

19 thoughts on “Who Is This Woman?

  1. Hi! I know an artist that did do a portrait a day! The artist did a portrait a day using another artist style. She had a Van Gogh portrait, a Rubens, a Warhol, etc. everyday. I was thinking of doing the same. Only, I am going to go back, and use some old photos and make a book of Me through my years as best I can. I do not have a lot of photos of me. I will be using the good old mirror and producing my wrinkles. Ha Ha! Great Job! I make do some where I take Hats off of people and put on me.
    You know from people I see everyday on the bus and T. Continue the good work. Very interesting.


  2. Sherrie: Hey, thanks for stopping by. I like that idea of putting together a book of drawings of yourself through the years. The mirror does get boring sometimes. I’ll bet some of my friends will never believe that I said that!

    Ronell: The expression is open to interpretation isn’t it. When I read your comment I thought, “hey yeah!” Glad you like this piece.


  3. I really like all of these! The drawings of your hubby are fantastic – even the one you think is muddy – it has such a nice soft mood. Your self portrait is terrific! Looks to me like you are ready to say something, maybe a joke or telling me to get to work!


  4. You are quite fortunate to have such an amazing talent. Your work displays such precision and attention to details. I look forward to returning and viewing the countless other pieces you will share with the rest of the world. 🙂 Thank you.


  5. Thanks everyone. Funny how everyone sees the expression differently.

    Col, I’ll definitely check out your new blog. I love seeing what you are up to.

    Ann: Since I really like your colored pencil work I’m pleased that you liked the watercolor pencil portrait of my husband. I liked it, but felt it might be too soft or murky. So glad you stopped by.

    PamYla: You are so encouraging. I love it when you visit me. 🙂

    Marcueto: Thanks so much for your kind words and for giving me such a wonderful review on BlogCatalog.


  6. I found you on the blog catalog. Love this site and you are very talented. Keep up the good work. I am going to add you as a link on my blogroll.


  7. Sarah: Nice to hear from you. Glad you like the portrait. Hope all is well with you.

    Paul: Wow! You made my day. How cool of you! Thanks for boosting my ego.


  8. Great drawing!!!! I love the idea of the self portrait drawing. I think I am going to try it too.
    I smiled when I read that you laughed at your ambition to draw a self portrait a day and you had 4 to show since January….it reminds me of…me! hahahah There is just not enough time in a day, isn’t it?


  9. Hi Mellanie, Another wondeful self portrait. To me you look like someone who is happily content. To me the idea of doing a daily selfportrait would be way too overwhelming, but you do such wonderful work, maybe one a month would be more attainable?? Anyway, fabulous as usual.


  10. Another great self-portrait of yours. I like b&w drawings very much. i’m still guessing about the expression on your face, hehehe. hugs.


  11. Oh Martin thanks for stopping by and leaving so many lovely comments. I appreciate it because I know how busy you are. Take care.


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