On Loosening Up

John Cleese

According to the Flickr “interestingness” scale, this is the fifth most interesting picture in my photostream. I realized I haven’t posted it here. I did this way back in December 2007.

I really like this quick pencil sketch. I remember how much I enjoyed doing it. Looking back at this made me realize that I have really been trying too hard lately. I’ve been worrying too much about the result and not enjoying the process. Frankly, the fretting and fussing is really getting in my way.

I should loosen up and get back to having fun with this.

Maybe that doesn’t just apply to drawing. I’ll have to think about that…

UPDATE:  I didn’t mention it, but it is indeed a sketch of John Cleese.  I wish I could remember what I was sketching from.   Oh well…



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16 responses to “On Loosening Up

  1. It is a wonderful drawing! You are able to suggest so much about the irises and pupils with just a pencil! And the shading is so very natural looking. I don’t use Flick’r so I didn’t know anything about the rating system – but I can see why this is popular. Who is he?

  2. Once again, a wonderful portait, loaded with character and he really IS a character! great apture1

  3. It is a wonderful sketch, I can see why it has captured so much attention.
    I think we can all get a little too serious and definate at times, it’s nice to have a period of looseness where we can really just enjoy the moment now and then.

  4. Fretting and Fussing can cause a lot of troubles with one’s artwork. I spent many years dealing with that very problem. My main problem was the self-critic. One day I thought of how ones doodles while talking on the phone….I thought about how sometimes while doing these phone doodles and not paying attention to the drawing that I came up with drawings that were fairly well done….so now I set my mind in phone doodle mode and draw..It has worked well for me thus far.

  5. Wow – I love this. what an expression!
    I think we all go through times where we try too hard – but while you’re doing that you are making progress. Then you’ll loosen up and get comfortable again.

  6. Fretting and fussing can suck the joy out of ANY endeavor. Sometimes I do best when I walk away for a bit and fuggedaboutit. Then, when I come back to whatever it is later, I do much better.

    Great drawing.

  7. Wow awesome drawing! I love his facial expression!

  8. genxster

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. I tend to forget that progress is not constant and certainly not guaranteed. I just need to enjoy the process and forget about trying to please that my pesky inner critic.

  9. Nice work on this one. You are so very talented.

  10. genxster

    Thank you Paul. I’m so glad you stopped by.

  11. This is so good. Brilliant expression and detail. I sometimes forget to enjoy myself drawing and think only of the end product. I must remind myself from time to time…lol

  12. genxster

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs to be reminded. : )

  13. I knew it was John Cleese immediately! You do very wonderful portraits, Mellanie. Your talent with these is obvious to me, and beautiful.

  14. genxster

    Thanks Kris, I’ve been hooked on drawing portraits since I was a child. There’s nothing more fascinating the the human face.

  15. You have a range from cartoony to realism. I like your realism sketches the best. I really love this one – and it’s fuuny.

  16. genxster

    Thanks Keith. Great to see your out on the journey as well!

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