EDM 23 – Draw Your Feet

edm23 - Draw your feet

After weeks of drawing tiny faces on tiny cards it felt good to get loose and do some simple sketching. I was shocked at how well these feet sketches turned out. If I had carefully tried to draw these they wouldn’t have come close to looking this good.

I have been neglecting my sketching lately. I have absolutely no excuse. I read this great post by Anita Davies about finding time to draw. This woman is busier than I will every be, but she always finds time. Check out the post. She will inspire you.



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11 responses to “EDM 23 – Draw Your Feet

  1. So glad you made time, these are wonderful!
    Thanks for the mention, I’m so pleased you found my post inspiringl.

  2. Hi Genxsters,

    Your feet look great! Im going to check out what Anita posted, yes she is bussssssssy lol.

    I gave you an award on my blog. You are a fantastic artist. In accepting the award, you are not obligated to continue with the nomination of others, but it is fun and encouraging all at the same time!

  3. Great feet…filled with character and charm…if feet can have charm?

  4. love these feet! how you can get such character with a few pencil strokes is amazing!

  5. These are great feet. Feet and hands are my downfall: particularly hands. Need more practice I suppose.

  6. genxster

    Thanks everyone. I’m shocked at how these turned out too.
    Thanks to you Pamyla for the award. That is very kind of you and such kinds words too. I really appreciate it.

  7. Great! I love seeing all the views together, they look like Happy Feet.

  8. genxster

    Thanks a lot Kris!

  9. Interesting drawings of feet. Have just added some to my blog in case you’re interested.

    • Mellanie

      So glad you stopped by to visit Sara. I enjoyed your head studies. I’m now inspired to do some warm wash sketches. Thanks for sharing your work.

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