Portrait Swap with Cindy Gray

7x10  ink and markers

portrait of artist Cindy Gray

I completed another portrait swap.  This time with artist Cindy Gray.  I met Cindy through Blog Catalog and she suggested that we do a swap.  I was thrilled!  I had a lot of fun doing a swap with Ujwala so I jumped at the chance to do another swap.  You can read about our swap on her blog Draw the Line.  That swap was an artist trading card exchange.  Swapping with Cindy gave me a chance to work larger. 

Here is Cindy’s portrait of me.  Wow!

A portrait of Mellanie Collins by artist Cindy Gray

A portrait of Mellanie Collins by artist Cindy Gray

Cindy does lovely work.  Do click on the image to see it in more detail.  She works digitally, then prints it on canvas.  After the canvas is stretched and breathes a bit, she applies acrylic paint to build up texture.  You can read about her process here.  Check out her portfolio as well.

Thanks Cindy for a great experience.  Your portrait is in the mail.



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6 responses to “Portrait Swap with Cindy Gray

  1. I love the both portraits! You’ve done a wonderful job with Cindy, and wow, she did a beautiful job with you as well. 😀

    Double wow on both works! ❤

  2. both the portraits are beautiful. thanks for the link : )

  3. Once again I am truly impressed at your skills (hers too). You look like one of those leggy supermodels.

  4. genxster

    Morganna: Thanks a lot. Cindy’s portrait is awesome. I love the eyes.

    Ujwala: No problem. BTW,you’re sketches have been awesome.

    Paul: I wish! Thanks again. Maybe I can draw you sometime?

  5. clap! clap! both of u have done wonderful jobs! i like the potrait Cindy did for you. You look soooo beautiful. The eyes and lips…mmmmm…..

  6. I am amazed by these classy portraits. Totally different but both unique. Thanks for sharing Mellanie.

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