Resolutions? Phooey!

5"x7" pen and watercolor pencil
5"x7" pen and watercolor pencil

I was thinking about my art goals for 2009.   After wracking my poor little brain for a while I decided to just skip it.   I mean, I’ll just end up doing what I feel like doing.   Last year I only had three goals and I completely disregarded two of them.   I still did a lot of work that I am proud of and had my best year for art making ever!

I’m going to focus on my successes and not worry about improving or setting goals.   When I am encouraged and feeling good about what I am doing,  inspiration comes easier and I do good work.   So this year I’m just going to wing it.

Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks so much for all of your visits and to all of you who have linked to me!  I’ve received so many wonderful comments this year.  Knowing that so many of you like my pictures keeps me drawing and posting.  I hope the coming year brings everyone much love and abundance.

Published by Mellanie C

sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

10 thoughts on “Resolutions? Phooey!

  1. I think it’s hard to impose restrictions on oneself. They may be felt as limitations or “shoulds”. I prefer goal setting, and then I can add to and adjust the goals as more information rolls in!

    This is lovely. Wasn’t one of your goals this year to work with color more? Looks like you succeeded, beautifully!

    I also love watercolor pencil, and one of my goals for 2009 is to use them more. You remain an inspiration to me.


  2. Wow, your tiger looks ready to pounce! I’m chuckling over your ability to jump in and proclaim resolutions. Mine are always the same: have a happy day as often as possible. Well, I did resolve to read no books longer than 500 pages, and to do my art in a 5×7 inch format for 2009. I bet I don’t make it. Anyway, I enjoy your blog. Happy new year!


  3. My only resolution is to not be so hard on myself when I don’t draw because I’m undertaking other artistic pursuits.
    I think your header is new since I was here last & I really love it.


  4. Happy New Year! You have such a talent for drawing. Your tiger is simply beautiful. I would love to pet his fur, but I can hear him growling at me if I do!


  5. All the best to you too folks!

    Let’s all have a great 2009 and let’s all do our best to stay happy and keep creating!


  6. Beautiful tiger. As my grandson commented recently on a painting I did for him, “it’s so good it look like it’s been made by machine.” Meant as a great compliment.


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