Mark Your Calendars! Drawing Day 2009


I just stumbled upon this event and I think it sounds pretty cool.  Saturday, June 6 is the day to drop everything, pick up a pen or pencil and draw!   Drawing Day is a day set aside for reminding people about the joys of drawing for it’s own sake.  Drawing matters, dang it!

The goal is to generate 1,000,000 drawings worldwide.  There are lots of art communities and social media sites offering ways to post your drawings.  You can find the details on the Drawing Day participation page.   If you are on Myspace, Facebook, deviantArt, or Flickr  you’re halfway there.  They have groups already set up for you to join and post your drawings.  I’m going to post my drawings on the Flickr Drawing Day group.

So get some friends together and have a drawing party!  Be sure to post your pictures!  Spread the word and help make Drawing Day a great success.



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6 responses to “Mark Your Calendars! Drawing Day 2009

  1. Thanks for finding ths. I will mark it on my calendar!

  2. this is awesome. Im definitely going to participate.

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