Back to the Sketchbook


It’s been a long time since I’ve just played around in my sketchbook.   I forgot how fun it is to just scribble and hack away without any real attachment to the outcome.   I had spent some time working on an ATC for a self-portrait swap.  It just wasn’t working .  The drawing was okay, but I didn’t capture myself at all.   I  was suddenly just so fed up!   I needed to relax and loosen up.  There was nothing left to do but grab a few pens and my book and just cut loose on the page.  The results were surprising–and pleasing.



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11 responses to “Back to the Sketchbook

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  2. definitely some nice sketching! Keep up the good work! Cutting loose has its merits…

  3. Your sketch is lively and shows a great deal of insight and humor. Looked at some of your other work as well. Seems we both have a fondness for crows. Well done!

  4. Mellanie

    Thanks. It’s nice to just feel my way through a drawing. Sketching can be so liberating.

  5. Great self-portrait, Mellanie! I hope to draw self-portrait of me too!

  6. Esmeralda

    Enjoyed looking at your work 🙂 Your doing commissions! That’s great! Hope your well.

  7. quirkyartist

    Wow. This is really fantastic. Hmmmm…maybe it’s time I did another self portrait.

  8. I really like the style you did these sketches in. Nice art on your blog.

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