Fall is here. Back to Blogging…

ATC:  Langelbleu (traded)

Hello there! Can’t believe it’s September already. Now that summer is almost over I feel a little more like spending more time at the computer. I’ve spent most of August trading a lot of custom portraits on atcsforall.com and illustratedatcs.com. It’s been challenging and fun.

Here’s one of the cards that I made for a trade on illustratedatcs.com.  I like the way the eyes turned out in this portrait. I’m still not comfortable with watercolor, but it’s not bad. Just a year ago I was so terrified of watercolor. I’m so glad I decided to just get over myself and give it a try. Perhaps I’ll be able to take a class next year, but right now I’m just going with my instincts.

I’ll post a few more of these portrait cards next week.

Thanks for stopping by!

Published by Mellanie C

sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

9 thoughts on “Fall is here. Back to Blogging…

    1. Thanks Ann. Of course now I see all sorts of things wrong with it, but I still think the eyes are the best part. I’m so glad you like the piece!


  1. Beautiful portrait, the eyes are sparkling and she has a wonderful smile. The colors are gorgeous. Were you in a portrait swap? I must of missed this one but I always enjoy seeing your beautiful portraits!


    1. Hey Rhonda, I just traded a portrait for a card that she had in her gallery. We really need to trade again. But if I remember right we’re both in a moleskine exchange so I’ll get to have some of your lovely art in my new japanese moley. Looking forward to it.


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