Lazily Copying From a Master: Van Gogh ATC

ATC:  Van Gogh Swap II
2.5" x 3.5" acrylic on canvas paper

One of the ongoing swaps over at is the Art History 102. Each month the host chooses an artist and we can make cards adapted from one of the artists works or create a work in the artist’s style. I signed up for the Van Gogh month and this is the best card of the three I did.

I wanted to try some acrylic painting.  Since I have a tendancy toward muted tones I thought working from some Van Gogh paintings would be an excellent way to experiment and practice.  I had no real interest in copying the painting exactly.   I just wanted to focus on color and see if I could get through a painting without it turning out brownish and dull.

I’m pleased with how this turned out.  Now that I look at it again I wish that I had kept it.

Published by Mellanie C

sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

11 thoughts on “Lazily Copying From a Master: Van Gogh ATC

    1. You’re right. You know I didn’t even notice that he looks a little more cheerful than he ought to. But I’m sure he had a good day every one in a while. 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. You cannot complain about the colour in this one Mellanie. Lovely, bright and vivid. I particularly like the way you have modelled the face and the tones you have chosen.


    1. Thanks Cathy,
      I always appreciate your comments. I would like to try more acrylic portrait painting. The ATC size is a great way to get your feet wet.


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