2015 is Another Great Art Year

When I last posted, it was January and the Big 500 show had not ended.  I was looking forward to a year of no goals or plans besides just continuing to try new things with painting. Well, this year has been even better than last year!  I sold every piece that I submitted to theContinue reading “2015 is Another Great Art Year”

A Few Big 500 Paintings

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been invited to be in  The Big 500 show in December.   The organizers have presented us with our wood panels last month and I’ve been painting furiously to have all of my five panels ready by the show deadline.  I have four of my five paintings done,Continue reading “A Few Big 500 Paintings”

ATCs: Bulldog Drawing

Bulldog by Mellanie Collins is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States License. 2.5″x3.5″  gouache and colored pencil Here’s a little bulldog drawing for an artist trading card I made by request.  I have mixed feelings about this drawing.   I think the eyes turned out okay, but it just seems to be missingContinue reading “ATCs: Bulldog Drawing”

Lazily Copying From a Master: Van Gogh ATC

One of the ongoing swaps over at Illustratedatcs.com is the Art History 102. Each month the host chooses an artist and we can make cards adapted from one of the artists works or create a work in the artist’s style. I signed up for the Van Gogh month and this is the best card ofContinue reading “Lazily Copying From a Master: Van Gogh ATC”

Every Day in May: Day 11 – Playing Catch-Up with ATCs

I’ve been working on sketches for cards I have due soon.  I’ve been having a heck of a time.  I signed up for something called a PAT or Pick-a-Theme.  You sign up for a group (usually about 5 people) and each group member chooses a theme for the others to work on.   Well, when IContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 11 – Playing Catch-Up with ATCs”

Every Day in May: Day 7 – Incomplete Watercolor Portrait

I’ve been working on this for a few days. I’m getting close finishing it.  I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the background.  The hair needs work as well.   Heck, I’m still just trying to figure out watercolor.  I get some good effects, but they just seem so accidental.  I want toContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 7 – Incomplete Watercolor Portrait”

ATCs: Lillian Gish

I made these cards for a trader who liked my Buster Keaton card.  She asked if we could trade Lillian Gish cards.    I’ve seen lots of her silent movies and  find her face fascinating so I agreed immediately.  I decided to use the trade as an opportunity to practice a little brush work and moveContinue reading “ATCs: Lillian Gish”

Watercolor Portrait: Learning As I Go

Well, February is over and I’m not going to miss it.  When I started this blog I was determined that I wouldn’t use it as a platform for whining or complaining about things.    I looked through some old journals and found that February tends to be my worst and whiniest month, so that’s why I’veContinue reading “Watercolor Portrait: Learning As I Go”

Trying Something New: Watercolor Portrait

I did this watercolor portrait in my little moleskine watercolor book.  And look!  No black lines!  There’s something new.  As much as I love my Microns, I was beginning to feel a little too dependent on them.   All of those solid black lines Iwas using were beginning to feel more like a safety net thanContinue reading “Trying Something New: Watercolor Portrait”

Something Completely Different – Paint!

I got out my paints and did this little self-portrait sketch in acrylics on paper. I hadn’t painted in two years, so I was pleased with how this turned out. After working with colored pencils, it was kind of a relief to work with paints. Painting is so much more forgiving.