ATCs: Cats, Cats, and More Cats

ATC: The StareATC: Fletcher's Profile

ATC: Fletcher in Color

More cats for you here.  I’ve been making a lot of these lately.  I think because I want to make sure that they aren’t flukes or just happy accidents.  I’m so amazed by how well these are turning out.   For a contrast, here are some cat drawings I drew in 2008:

Big improvement, I think.

Published by Mellanie C

sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

12 thoughts on “ATCs: Cats, Cats, and More Cats

    1. Thanks Rhonda. I’m always encouraged by your comments. I’m just so excited about my progress. When I see how much I can improve, it spurs me on to practice more.


    1. Thanks Renu. Joining cat swaps really helped. I read on your blog that you’re doing a moley swap. I can’t wait to see your spreads for it.


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