An Award from Laketrees! Thanks


I received this lovely award from portrait artist Kim Barker who blogs on Laketrees.  She also mains the Top Artist’s Directory.  Check out the directory.  You might like to list your art blog there.

Here’s what Kim says about this award:

CreativityCreativity has been attributed variously to divine intervention, cognitive processes, the social environment, personality traits, and chance (“accident”, “serendipity”). It has been associated with genius, mental illness and humour. Some say it is a trait we are born with; others say it can be taught with the application of simple techniques.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Although popularly associated with art and literature, it is also an essential part of innovation and invention and is important in professions such as business, economics, architecture, industrial design, science and engineering.

Many of my blogger Artist friends are really creative people so I have decided to recognise their creativity (as defined above) by designing this award to give to the following Creative Bloggers:

TYPOS.DAYLIGHT.FATE/Much of a muchness/Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog/Peripheral Vision – Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann/Gurney Journey/Amy Lilley Designs/Christy DeKoning – Travels in Watercolor/Photography by KML/Aerten Art/New York Nitty-Gritty/GREGORIO ART STUDIO/Jafabrit’s Art/Artscapes – Musings on Art & Life/restnrileks/Ascender Rises Above/SULLY’S DESIGN STUDIO/The Colorist/Emila’s Illustrated Blog/IMPROVISING VERSATILITY/See It. Draw It. Share It./New England Lighthouse Treasures/Candleday/A State of Art Portraits/Robin’s Woods/Fine Artworks and Original Paintings From A Creaky Easel/SHARON HART/am-art/Sharron “Shez” Marshall/PORTRAIT OF A PAINTER/Blooms and Blossoms/lines and colors/Thrifty Collage Artist/Sacred Circle Mandelas/constance rose textile design/Azure Islands Designs/Mother Henna’s Blog/Sharon Wright Artist/everything is contextual/Non-Linear-Arts/As It Stands/Linda Blondheim Art Notes/ART & LIFE/Celeste Vaught Art/OUT OF THE GRAY – Portraits of heArt/Leet Gallery/Pink Crab Creations/and last but not least – WORLDS LARGEST RECORD BREAKING MEMOTAG : “The Technorati Twister!” -a truly creative response to this post

thank you for your creativity and inspiration !!!!


Thanks so much Kim.  It’s great to be included with these blogs!




More Awards!

I can’t believe that August is almost over!  I can’t really barely remember it beginning.  Oh my.

I want to special thank you to Emila Yusof of Emila’s Illustrated Blog for giving me two blog awards. It was very nice of her to think of me.

First, there is the Kreativ Blogger Award.  This is much appreciated because I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts about my blog lately.   It’s nice when a little validation comes to you at just the right time!

I’m going to pass this award along to the following folks because I love to read their blogs.  I may not always leave you comments, but I learn so much from their posts and am inspired by their work.

Blue Bird Hill/Alethakuschan’s Weblog/One Pink Goose/Anita Davies/Jennifer Lawson/Diane Clancy/Kris Cahill/Drawing on Nature/Felicity’s Philosphies/Jana’s Journal and Art Sketch Blog/
Janey’s Journey/Jafabrit’s Art/Rue Manuel Bis/Terry’s Ink and Watercolor/African Tapestry/Draw the Line/Laurelines/Everything is Contextual/Laketrees/Quirkyartist

So there’s some nice link love for you lovely folks.  You don’t have to pass this along to anyone.  Just if you feel like it.

Emila also given me the Arte Y Pico Award:

Arte y Pico Award
Arte y Pico Award

Thanks again Emila! I really appreciate it.  It’s cool to get this one again!

More Drawing in Public

Waiting in DMV

I tried drawing while I was in line getting my driver’s license renewed. This guy was really fidgety so he grabbed my attention. He looks a lot more patient in the drawing. The whole time I was drawing these guys in the back were laughing and talking. I got so paranoid. I knew they couldn’t be laughing at me, but it really bugged me. I kept drawing though. I knew I was being silly. But there is an uncomfortably exposed feeling to drawing in public. I want to have a good drawing on hand to prove that I really can draw. 😀

Kris Cahill at Art and Clairvoyance gave me this award. Isn’t it pretty? This pleases me so much. Getting two awards in one month feels pretty good. Blogging is awesome.


I will pass this along on my next post. I was tagged by Kim at Laketrees for two memes. Thanks for thinking of me Kim! So I will probably put a long post together Sunday or Monday to finish all of my homework.

Thanks for stopping by!

My Favorite Tool

Leatherman tool

This is my entry for Everyday Matters challenge 16. It’s my Leatherman tool and it’s got needlenose pliers, a straight knife, scissors, three screwdrivers, a phillips screwdriver, a bottle opener and a corkscrew. When it’s folded up it’s around 3 inches (8cm) but it weighs a ton. I think my husband and I got this as a stocking stuffer or a Christmas gift. I have personally never used it for anything practical, but it is fun to play with.

Remember this?

Emilia Award

When you send out the love, the love comes back to you. It’s great to get this again. Thanks to Cedar Raven for giving me this award. I love her blog so much. She’s doing some very cool things with watercolor and acrylic ink. She’s just posted a list of resources for artists using acrylic inks, so check her out.

Well, I’m off. I have to find out what this week’s challenge is. Thanks for stopping by!