An Award from Laketrees! Thanks


I received this lovely award from portrait artist Kim Barker who blogs on Laketrees.  She also mains the Top Artist’s Directory.  Check out the directory.  You might like to list your art blog there.

Here’s what Kim says about this award:

CreativityCreativity has been attributed variously to divine intervention, cognitive processes, the social environment, personality traits, and chance (“accident”, “serendipity”). It has been associated with genius, mental illness and humour. Some say it is a trait we are born with; others say it can be taught with the application of simple techniques.
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Although popularly associated with art and literature, it is also an essential part of innovation and invention and is important in professions such as business, economics, architecture, industrial design, science and engineering.

Many of my blogger Artist friends are really creative people so I have decided to recognise their creativity (as defined above) by designing this award to give to the following Creative Bloggers:

TYPOS.DAYLIGHT.FATE/Much of a muchness/Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog/Peripheral Vision – Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann/Gurney Journey/Amy Lilley Designs/Christy DeKoning – Travels in Watercolor/Photography by KML/Aerten Art/New York Nitty-Gritty/GREGORIO ART STUDIO/Jafabrit’s Art/Artscapes – Musings on Art & Life/restnrileks/Ascender Rises Above/SULLY’S DESIGN STUDIO/The Colorist/Emila’s Illustrated Blog/IMPROVISING VERSATILITY/See It. Draw It. Share It./New England Lighthouse Treasures/Candleday/A State of Art Portraits/Robin’s Woods/Fine Artworks and Original Paintings From A Creaky Easel/SHARON HART/am-art/Sharron “Shez” Marshall/PORTRAIT OF A PAINTER/Blooms and Blossoms/lines and colors/Thrifty Collage Artist/Sacred Circle Mandelas/constance rose textile design/Azure Islands Designs/Mother Henna’s Blog/Sharon Wright Artist/everything is contextual/Non-Linear-Arts/As It Stands/Linda Blondheim Art Notes/ART & LIFE/Celeste Vaught Art/OUT OF THE GRAY – Portraits of heArt/Leet Gallery/Pink Crab Creations/and last but not least – WORLDS LARGEST RECORD BREAKING MEMOTAG : “The Technorati Twister!” -a truly creative response to this post

thank you for your creativity and inspiration !!!!


Thanks so much Kim.  It’s great to be included with these blogs!