Ballpoint Pen Sketch: Something Serious

Something Serious

pen and paper, 5 x7 inches

Instead of filling requests for portraits, I’ve been filling up my sketchbook with ballpoint pen drawings.  Here’s one I thought came out quite well.  As always, Michael is my ever-patient model.  He looks like he’s thinking about something pretty serious, but I think he’s just asleep.

More Public Drawing: EDM 60-Draw an Auto

EDM Challenge - Draw an Automobile

Here is a sketch I did the other day while sitting outside of my favorite coffee shop. I’ve always had trouble drawing cars. I think it’s because I’m not really interested in them. But I realized that I could do this for Everyday Matters Challenge 60-draw an automobile, or part of one.

It was fun to do because I just started with a ballpoint pen and no plan at all. I was actually approached for the first time while drawing. He was a sweet little gray-haired man and he poked me in the shoulder ( I was wearing an mp3 player and was basically senseless at the time). I looked up and he was smiling so sweetly at me that I forgot to be annoyed. He said that he thought that it was a nice drawing and he really admired people who could draw, since he couldn’t draw a straight line. I thanked him and he told me a bit about his grandson who did computer graphic work. Funny, I was always worried about drawing in public, but the first time someone actually noticed me it turned out to be an extremely pleasant experience.