More Public Drawing: EDM 60-Draw an Auto

EDM Challenge - Draw an Automobile

Here is a sketch I did the other day while sitting outside of my favorite coffee shop. I’ve always had trouble drawing cars. I think it’s because I’m not really interested in them. But I realized that I could do this for Everyday Matters Challenge 60-draw an automobile, or part of one.

It was fun to do because I just started with a ballpoint pen and no plan at all. I was actually approached for the first time while drawing. He was a sweet little gray-haired man and he poked me in the shoulder ( I was wearing an mp3 player and was basically senseless at the time). I looked up and he was smiling so sweetly at me that I forgot to be annoyed. He said that he thought that it was a nice drawing and he really admired people who could draw, since he couldn’t draw a straight line. I thanked him and he told me a bit about his grandson who did computer graphic work. Funny, I was always worried about drawing in public, but the first time someone actually noticed me it turned out to be an extremely pleasant experience.

Published by Mellanie C

sketch artist, daydreamer Figurative artist specializing in small format art and portraits.

5 thoughts on “More Public Drawing: EDM 60-Draw an Auto

  1. He’s right – this is a wonderful sketch. I’m like you about drawing in public – always terrified when someone approaches me, expecting criticism, and yet people are invariably nice and friendly.


  2. Thanks Casey. While I’m still not totally comfortable with drawing in public, I find that I’m not anxious anymore. Yay! Progress.


  3. I find tires very difficult or may I say- I get impatient drawing them. The shadow under is great, and the cars of course, well drawn!!! Love it.


  4. Thanks anangeli. I know what you mean about the tires. They are the least interesting part for me. I’m so glad you liked the drawing.


  5. Great job. Love the playful quality of your line work. And I’d much rather see someone drawing in public than jabbering loudly on their cellphone.

    Sad comment by the elderly gentleman, though. He has let society convince him that you must be a steady-handed draftsman to be an artist; no telling what enjoyment he could have derived from a lifetime of drawing UNstraight lines.


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