The King

A friend of mine requested a lion card so I spent much of the morning working on sketches. I’ve not had much experience drawing lions so I was carefully, or rather timidly, drawing with a mechanical pencil and so concerned about getting the right details in. After a number of sketches where my lions lookedContinue reading “The King”

Origami? I’d rather not.

  I went on a brief origami binge a few years ago. I was obviously trying to punish myself for something. I found a couple of my creations tucked in a corner. They really didn’t come out too badly, but I remember that making them was tortuous. Folding and creasing, pulling and folding. Sighing andContinue reading “Origami? I’d rather not.”

Fasten your seatbelts…we may be encountering some turbulence.

The U.S. Democratic race is turning out to be quite a roller coaster ride. I can see myself getting really, really tired of all of this drama by the end of February. I already feel like screaming every time I hear the work “change.” It makes me cringe to even type it. Oh well, I’mContinue reading “Fasten your seatbelts…we may be encountering some turbulence.”

Paying Attention to My Keys

I don’t pay much attention to my keys. Sure, I keep track of where they are (most of the time) and I handle them everyday. I even occasionally use them as an indicator of my stress level: ME: Where the @!#&*!!! are my keys?! DH: Um, they’re in your hand, hon… ME: Oh. It wasContinue reading “Paying Attention to My Keys”